Office Hours

Monday through Friday:
from 8 : 00 am to 4 : 00 pm

Tel/Fax: 0561 - 62 - 4196


​We're looking forward to hearing from you !

Directions to ICAN Office by Train

Take the Linimo Line from Fujigaoka Station (Higashiyama Line) to Irigaikekoen Station.
ICAN Office is a 5-minute walk east along the Green road from Irigaikekoen Station.
​It's next to the Nagakute Kura Sushi restaurant.


International Christian Academy of Nagoya

Secondary Building (7th - 12th grade, Library, Office)

​Villa Yuzan 1F, 205 Kibutake, Nagakute City,
​Aichi Prefecture, 480-1117

Elementary Building (K - 6th grade, Library)

​1507 Kuboyama, Nagakute City,
​Aichi Prefecture, 480 - 1151

ICAN buildings are located near "APITA Nagakute" "AEON Mall Nagakute" and "IKEA Nagakute"

ICAN Elementary Map

ICAN Secondary Map